Want to Save Time and Get in Shape? Try Working Out at Home

The Importance of being active:

You may have had the argument with yourself that your life is too busy for an exercise regimen. The reality is that nothing is more important than your health. Putting aside time for daily physical activity is not about vanity or selfishness. It is about realizing that you can't be your best at anything if you are not physically healthy.

Still, people are busy with work, family, friends and many other obligations, so it makes sense to create a fitness plan that is efficient.

Disadvantages of gym membership:

Influenced by advertising and societal pressure, many of us have the knee-jerk reaction that we need to join a fitness center to lose those extra pounds and get our blood pressure under control.

With obesity rates soaring in the United States so are the revenues of the gyms and fitness centers. The fitness industry is realizing tens of billions of dollars while the percentage of overweight Americans is also growing. The bottom line being, joining a gym is hardly the answer for everyone.

Many people join a fitness center with the best intentions but find themselves rarely if ever attending. Not only do you need to commit to the time and effort of your workout, but you also need to weigh the time spent going back and forth.

Then, you have the distractions at the gym. Certainly, the social aspect and even the competitive aspect can be fun, but it can also take away from your personal focus. Then there is the risk you may end up going out for beers with your new gym buddies and find your 800 calories burned are right back with you.

What you need for a successful at-home workout program:

You can design a workout routine at home to match your fitness needs and space. Some individuals have an entire room which they can dedicate as a gym, while others need to manage with a yoga mat in front of the TV and a collection of fitness videos. There is also a vast array of portable fitness products such as portable stair-steppers and free weights on the market for those with space constraints.

In addition to a space and a routine, you also need encouragement and motivation. STARTplanner can help you organize all your fitness needs. As part of an online community, you can share your accomplishments and your frustrations with others.

STARTplanner knows that while fitness is a critical part of your life, it is only one part. They have the tools and information to help you organize other aspects of your routine as well. That way, when you are in the middle of your Pilates routine, you won’t be worried about your next meeting or when you need to take your son to softball practice.

So, consider an at-home exercise routine. With the time and money saved by nixing an expensive fitness center you can travel, refurbish your wardrobe or just spend quality time with friends and family.

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