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You can stay thorough and organized as you prepare for your big day. Our Happily Hitched wedding planner is a smart investment for couples facing nuptials.

Wedding planning is a multi-million dollar industry around the world. The right person or company brings insider knowledge to the venue, catering and honeymoon decisions. Their experience and precision can save couples tons of money.

However when faced with the "planner or no planner" decision, couples may become more frantic and confused. Some event planning companies feature weddings as a tangential offering. Many exclusive wedding planning businesses partition their services to accommodate all budgets, from total to partial planning packages.

You could sign up for one degree of services but discover you have overbooked. You may arrive to your wedding day's homestretch and realize you needed more assistance than you initially thought. Or, you can get started early with our wedding organizer and work at your own pace, hiring assistance only when you absolutely need it.

Our Happily Hitched wedding organizer book is your convenient, detailed assistant to do your wedding your way. Happily Hitched keeps you free of outside opinions and even high-pressure sales couples face at this tender time. Our expert design is durable, comprehensive and functional.

Happily Hitched features four critical sections:

  • Goals: This is where you and your future spouse create the financial, scheduling and scale visions for your wedding. These core elements appear upfront to provide a constant anchor as your planning goes along.
  • Projects: Your aesthetic vision comes to life here. Many brides today want a DIY approach to cut costs and display their personalities. Here you will determine what projects you can handle and who you want to help.
  • Finances: We understand finances are never a limitation against the wedding of your dreams. Once you set the vision for your big day, focus on the budget to make that happen. Use our detailed spreadsheets and expense ledgers to ground you as you plan.
  • Plans: You will become best friends with this Happily Hitched section, as it may just contain the names of future friends who helped make your dreams come true. Never again lose the contact info for that florist, seamstress or photographer you met a party. Wrangle the guest list to manageable proportions that include all essential people. Keep up with the hair stylist, makeup artist and caterer as well as their costs. Carve out special touches you will remember for a lifetime: parties and showers, dinners and "The Cake", and honeymoon travel plans.
Happily Hitched is designed with you in mind. Like the ultimate wedding planner, it aims to remain with you until the end. We have fortified our wedding organizer with:

  • Cloth binding for extra durability,
  • Tab dividers including storage for samples,
  • Plenty of blank note pages,
  • Tight and secure elastic closure.

Above all, Happily Hitched is a pretty book you will feel excited to work with. You will enjoy its crisp, classic white and grey pattern with elegant gold foil cover stamping. Its 122 sheets are made of strong 70# paper. We are happy to give you the closest thing to a personal wedding assistant for your big day.

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