Wedding Planning and Budgeting - How Happily Hitched Can Save Your Soon-To-Be-Hitched Behind

While the engagement part of getting married is certainly exciting and filled with a lot of fun memories, it can also be expensive. After all, this is when you decide on the venue, attire, number of guests, food, entertainment, etc., for the big day. Not to mention it can be easy to over-spend, especially when it comes to the smaller details. Are you looking for a better way to do things without the cost of hiring a wedding planner? Let us introduce you to the Happily Hitched Wedding Planner.

Keep on Track

Made by Startplanner, this innovative organization tool is an incredible resource to have while wedding planning. Begin with using the planner to keep track of your engagement details, such as the details of the engagement party, insurance for your ring, special celebrations, etc. After that stage of your engagement has been completed (good job!), you can continue the planning of your wedding and even honeymoon with the Happily Hitched Planner. There's a spot for virtually every detail that you need to figure out, from the DIY projects you're taking on to financial information for every single contract and purchase.

With a tool like this, you'll never have to worry about being the "disorganized couple" while preparing for your big day. This can ease a lot of stress, help make wedding planning fun, and ensure you don't exceed your budget and end up broke after the day is over. The entire design was created to help couples make the planning process more of a journey rather than a checklist of things that you'll forget soon after. Save it for a keepsake after the day is over to remember how far you came from the magical proposal!

Features You'll Love:

- 70# paper you can rely on to hold up until the page is filled
- 122 pages in total to accommodate notes
- 7.5in x 8.75in; 1.25in thick
- Elastic closure to ensure nothing falls out
- Metal corners for reliable durability
- Cloth binding around the spiral for style and strength
- 4 beautiful gold-stamped divider sections with tabs
- Tab dividers equipped with folder pockets for storage

What's Inside:

- Tabbed Divider 1: Goals

In this divider you can write down your goals for the wedding and steps you'll take to reach those. Goals can include finances, the experience desired, and anything else your heart desires.

- Tabbed Divider 2: Projects

The next divider you'll see is for projects such as DIY centerpieces, decorations, or anything else you plan on making yourself. You'll have enough space to write out the project, steps to make it, helpers, and timeline for finishing.

- Tabbed Divider 3: Finances

Make sure you stay up-to-date with spending by keeping track of your budget in this section.

- Tabbed Divider 4: Plans

Use this divider to write down the guest list, bachelorette party, cake, wedding favors, reception information, music preferences, rentals, vendors, hair/makeup, after-wedding plans, and anything else that you need to keep track of for your big day. This section will be one you turn to on a daily basis because of how useful it is. It has EVERYTHING--including things you may not have even known you needed! Need extra space? You'll find blank pages for notes located inside.


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