What can you do in 90 Days?

Let's Reassess, where are you at with your goals? Is it realistic to accomplish them before the end of the year? If not, how much progress CAN you make in the next 90 days?
IT'S GO TIME! If you have been procrastinating, It’s OK! Don’t beat yourself up, you got this!! We are going to finish the year out strong!
Sometimes time gets away from us and the value of the 90 Days of START is to give yourself the tools and ability to focus on a with a deadline. We suggest picking one main area to focus! 
Tips for Using 90 Day of START
  • Pick a Focus!
  • Use the Overview pages to map out a timeline and visualize what is happening and when. It might change but it does help to apply timelines.
  • Compile goals, dates, and a thorough list of action steps. 
  • Continuously build your lists out. 
  • Sit down once a week to assess and make a weekly to-do list. 
  • Create lists the night before. 
  • Each day, set your focus, celebrate your wins and make it happen! 
Take your list and assign the action steps to certain days in your 90 days of START planner! Look for time blocks in your schedule when you can fit in these extra tasks realistically & if you need to, break large tasks up into multiple days to get them done (Ie, I know I will need to work on this project more than just on the weekends, but I work during the week, so I can allocate 2 1/2 hours in the evening 3x a week to the project as well after work, but before dinner
No excuses! Now you have your goal all laid out into bite-sized pieces, I bet it feels a little less overwhelming! Now is the time to dive in! One day at a time, follow the schedule you set for yourself and keep your end goal in mind! You might want to promise yourself a reward when you are done, or find an accountability partner (or both!) to keep you motivated when it gets hard!
In the process, make sure you are taking care of yourself so you are your best self to give to your goal or project! Drinking water, getting sleep, relaxing, eating right and moving your body are all excellent ways to ensure that you are keeping your body healthy so your mind can stay focused!
Pro Tip: If you get into your project and find that certain aspects are taking longer than expected (this is usually my M.O.) don’t get discouraged, just rework your plan and schedules! The project/goal might end up taking you longer, but as long as you are working your way forward, you will feel amazing and it will be worth it once you can say YOU DID IT!
Content Schedule Organization for Work and Bathroom Remodel! 
There is just nothing like having an overall vision. My goal this last quarter is to stay on top of content and sharing all these ideas that I have with everyone. I just have felt like there has not been enough time but I am going to pick specific themes for each week and share things around those themes to help give me direction. Also, my master bathroom has carpet! CARPET! I don’t know yet if it is realistic for me to finish it in the 90 Days but I want to have a solid plan. I want to know pricing and pull together design and budget so I know all the facts so I can make a plan! In order to make things happen, you have to get organized and plan for it! I do know this last 90 Days I am hitting it strong and I could not live without my 90 Days of START! you can follow my next 90 days over on my instagram @kristydickerson

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