What Does Hustle Mean To You?

Launching a little contest… what what! What if you could get your hands on a Hustle Daily Planner BEFORE we even start shipping them? Well, for the next week share our "What Does Hustle Mean" video on Facebook (it is pinned to the top on our page) and share what your hustle is. We will be selecting one lucky person at random to get ready to start hustlin' in 2017 a little early! Contest will end October 5th at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced October 6th.
At the core of STARTplanner we are about creating a tool that helps you to get your hustle on in order to focus on the things that matter most in your life. Part of making progress is sharing what you are working (hustlin') on out loud so everyone can hold you accountable. 
These are all real stories from people in the community.  Watch and share! When you share this video from our Facebook page we can see the share and that counts as your entry! But make sure you share what YOUR hustle is or else it won't count.
Here are some behind the scenes from the production of this video! 
Dustin's (mid twenties) hustle is establishing his career and moving up the corporate ladder. 
Jenny, our co-founder. Her hustle is being a single mom and being able to stand on her own two feet! 
Sarah is a personal trainer and health coach and mom of three! 
And a huge shout-out to our videographer, Jennifer Bird!!! Y'all she is awesome and we couldn't have done this without her!! Laney Jo... age 4 and totally rocked it! 
Virginia, age 88... Goes to the gym every other day, church every Sunday, lives alone and has the sweetest spunk to her! 
Eric and Cheryl lost their house to a fire last fall. They are hoping to get back into their home by the end of October. 
Kristy Dickerson, our co-founder and CEO, a mom of three, and believes and preaches in hustling every single day! Her hustle is to make more room for intentional moments everywhere. 
Whatever your hustle is... whatever you are pursuing, dreaming of, reaching for... our planners were designed with the goal to help you get there. It's Hustle time!! Good luck!! 

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