What Does it Mean To Hustle As A Working Mom?

Being a mother is a full time job. From conception to birth you have carried your little bundle of joy making sure to eat well and take care of yourself for the health and happiness of your little one. And, as a mother, this responsibility never wanes. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Tack on the responsibility of a job or career outside the house and you have a full-fledged hustler! Juggling care, meal times, bath time, bills, carpools and conference calls are all in a full days' responsibilities. If you have not read our previous post on "5 reasons why working moms are super heroes" you need to!

To be a working mom you have to be energetic, on point - and you can't skip a beat! Today's demanding schedules require that (even if you were up all night sleep training) you chug the coffee (or green juice) and tackle the day. Time is of the essence! Meetings are flanked with texts about grocery lists and after school activities. What does this all mean? It means you need all the help you can get!

And help can come in a variety of ways - husband or partner, additional caretakers, housekeepers (a personal favorite). How about a clone of yourself? Some of those aren't possible, however a streamlined method of organizing your day is now possible.

Enter in STARTplanner - a unique, personalized and streamlined action-oriented planner designed to keep you on track and achieve all of your goals. From day planning to meal planning - STARTplanner helps you achieve your goals through proper planning, organizing and preparing yourself for success. It all starts with YOU!

Enjoy bath time (even if it makes a mess) and enjoy that weekend trip because you have scheduled and budgeted for it! No more stressing, spreading your finances too thin, and last minute planning! It's time to take control of your entire life - and your own planner!

And what does this mean for you? Organizing your life and achieving goals isn't just about to-do lists. It's about more fun! STARTplanner can help YOU do that. But how to maintain a growing career and be a mother? By taking care of the "must do's," in order to have time for the "want to do's". You need to organize your life and create time in order to spend quality time with your children and family. To create memories that last a lifetime and raise your children the way you want to!

Plan your days, track your career and health goals, plan personal finance, and even meal schedules in a perfectly functional and beautifully designed planner. And then, leave more time for the spontaneous bits of motherhood to happen - first steps, his first school dance. What does this all mean? You can now do all of things you want to do and be a working mom - take care of your career and your home! Start taking care of YOU so YOU can give your best self to your loved ones for years to come. Remember it all starts and ends with you!
STARTplanner- Happy Planning

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