What is a day planner? And Digital Vs. Old School Paper And Pen

A day planner helps you organize your daily schedule. Think of it as an elaborate "To-Do" list, available in paper (pre-printed) or digital format. Most day planners provide "day-at-a-glance" and "week-at-a-glance" views, with room for you to write down all of your tasks and appointments.

Printed day planners are available in multiple sizes, and require refills. Supplementary features (such as "month-at-a-glance" are available.

Back in the day (i.e., mid-1980's), day planners were only available in paper (pre-printed) format. Thanks to the explosion of technology and the subsequent invention of smartphones, tablets, and apps, digital day planners are now available. For better or for worse.

Why you should use a day planner

Using a luxury day planner helps you manage your time. Effective time management, in turn, increases your productivity. Just as monitoring your daily spending helps you manage your personal finances, writing down your appointments and tasks helps you manage your time and avoid wasting it.That is why so many women have chosen to use our Hustle Daily as their Business Planner.

If you have multiple demands on your schedule--social, academic, professional, marital, philanthropic--a day planner can help you stay on track.

Deciding Between a Paper Planner or Digital Planner

Paper day planners and digital planners each have advantages.
  • Customization. Paper planners, for example, allow you to express your personality. You choose covers, sizes and features. You can add glitter or stickers (yes, even adults like to do this!).
  • Navigation. It's faster and easier to flip the pages of a paper planner when you're looking for something. The closest thing on a digital device is opening another window, or scrolling furiously. This can get tiresome if you're looking at your phone.
  • Retention. Studies show that writing things down manually (versus typing) improves memory.
  • Neater updates. Between white-out and crossed out entries, paper day planner updates can get messy. Plus, paper day planners require refills. Digital planners, on the other hand, allow you to update multiple devices easily, with no muss or fuss. Digital planners are nice, but they still don't have that "thing" that so many of us are looking for. I personally don't mind seeing scratched off todo lists. Makes me feel accomplished!
  • Efficiency. If you work closely with multiple people or manage projects, digital planners can help you collaborate with great efficiency. You can schedule recurring appointments or tasks and post updates accessible to all team members or colleagues. However we still love and always write our to do lists down :)

Whether you choose a paper or a digital day planner, the best day planner depends on your needs and how you work best. Remember: no matter which format you choose, a day planner is only effective if you consistently it.

Interested in exploring paper day planners? Check out these paper planners.

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