What Is The Difference Between A Day, Weekly & Yearly Calendar?

Should you use a daily, weekly, monthly, or all of the above planner? This is an important question to ask yourself before buying a planner. For a high quality planner that's customized to your lifestyle and needs, you'll naturally have to pay a bit more money. The cost is worth it when you buy the right planner. It will save you a tremendous amount of time while ensuring you remember everything important. Continue reading to determine whether you need a day vs weekly vs monthly planner.

How Fixed is Your Schedule?

Those who have fixed schedules that don't change often usually only need a monthly planner. If you have a heavy work load or a lot to do, then a monthly and weekly planner may be the better choice, even with a fixed schedule. When your schedule changes frequently and depends on various factors, a weekly or daily planner is the right choice. You will only feel stressed out if you try cramming everything in a monthly planner.

A good weekly planner that we offer is the 2017 Hustle Weekly Planner. Each week has a small box in the upper left corner for writing the top three tasks you want to complete that week. It's an easy way to get a quick overview of the week ahead and keep your mind focused on what matters most for the week.

Do You Have a Lot Going on?

Let's say you're a parent who has started a business. You have a lot going on, so you would benefit most from a daily planner. It will keep your mind focused each day on what needs to get done. If you only have one area of focus, such as working toward being promoted at your workplace, then a weekly planner may be most suitable for you. Typically, the more things you have going on, the more precise of a planner you'll need.

Our 2017 Hustle Daily Business Edition Planner is a good planner for entrepreneurs and business owners. It includes a Biz section where you can plan social media and marketing tasks and monitor your business budget.

Do You Have a Lot of Events Throughout the Year?

Another factor that influences what type of planner you need is how many events you attend or host throughout the year. If you only have a few events, such as Thanksgiving, your annual family vacation, and a seminar or two, then you don't necessarily need a monthly calendar. These events are easy to remember, and you can write them in a weekly or daily planner.

If you have a lot of events to remember and lead a busy life, then a combination of a weekly planner and monthly planner would work well. Or you could buy a monthly insert for your weekly planner. We sell many different types of inserts at STARTplanner, so you can fully customize your planner to suit your needs. Examples of inserts we offer are weekly pages, contact pages, and notes.

Planners are helpful for keeping your life organized and accomplishing your goals. If you're new to using planners, it can feel overwhelming to shop for one. The distinction between a day vs weekly vs monthly planner isn't apparent to those new to using planners. Now that we've clarified what each type of planner is best for, you can buy a planner with greater confidence.

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