What Planners Do We Use?

As a mom of 3 young boys and the CEO of multiple companies, it is imperative that we stay organized and keep everyone on the same page otherwise things will fall through the cracks. From a business perspective or worse with family functions. This is why we love using the Hustle Weekly in our household. We leave it on the kitchen counter to keep track of doctor appointments, sports, nanny schedule, preschool schedule, parties and all the other “family” events that everyone needs to be aware of. Every Sunday I sit down which also helps to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 


I then use the Hustle Daily for work and my own personal appointments during the day to manage my work schedule. I love the Hustle Daily because it has tons of room for my lists, and its a little smaller than the Hustle weekly, so it takes up less room on my desk at work. And work wise my lists can get a little long, so only seeing one day at a time by folding it back is a game changer!

No shame in my game… I will be the first to admit that if I don’t write something down with a deadline, it’s not going to get done. As a single mom, I struggled for years to balance work, raising Jaxon alone, managing the household and trying to have a personal life. It was not easy and I dropped the ball many, many times. I designed STARTplanner out of necessity.  I was tired of looking flakey, forgetting things, missing deadlines, and feeling stressed about life. 
Jaxon is a senior this year and is class president, an eagle scout, involved in mock trial, mock congress, model UN, and speech and debate, along with taking a full IB diploma class load (college level classes) and we foster puppies for the local dog shelter. I'm sure you can imagine, life can get hectic, but we are actually more organized now than ever before. For me, The Fancy Pants combined with a Digital calendar (that Jaxon keeps for all of his classes and extracurriculars) is the answer to manage our lives. I have learned and embraced the need to write things down, and I love the Fancy Pants because it gives me plenty of room for my to-do lists. I love using the extra note pages to make chore-lists and leave notes for Jaxon and I also love the binder because I often have permission forms and paper work for him that I need to keep track of, so it makes it easy to keep everything together. Even on the craziest days, having systems and lists in place really help everyone stay calm and able to focus on our priorities for that day.

Nerd Alert!
I have always been a total planner nerd #noshame. When STARTplanner became a part of my life I felt like I had finally found my planner peace with the Hustle Daily. I use it for work, and my personal life so I have everything in once place! I love being able to plan my whole day out with a fresh new page each day. It helps me reset and refocus. After a long day, sitting down with my planner and planning out my months/days is so therapeutic for me! I am still learning how to effectivley manage my time, but I can’t believe the difference STARTplanner has made in my life. #Dailygirlforlife


This year is going to be full of change! My son, Dalton, is headed off to college, I can’t believe it!
There is so much to do and I don’t know how I could remember and get everything done without my Hustle Weekly! Weekly all the way. I have tried them all. I love all the space that it offers, it gives me room for all my to-do lists. From everything I needed to do to get my son ready for graduation, to the many many things I need to schedule, and purchase to get him ready for college! I like being able to flip straight to the current week and see the entire week at a glance!


Finding the perfect planner is such a personal preference! With all the different varieties of planners we offer, we have all be able to find the one that works perfectly in tune to our very different but hectic lives. We hope that this has given you a little insight about the different planners and how they can be used! Are you ready to find planner peace?! Pick up your midyear planner today and get STARTed!!

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