What’s The Difference Between A Luxury Planner And A Regular Planner?

Studies show that handwriting lists and plans are more effective than digitally tracking. To some, the idea of carrying around a monthly calendar brings up images of small, monthly calendars the size of a checkbook kept in mother's purses and used more for monthly reminders and appointments than anything else.

Life coaches and household organization experts agree that keeping a pen-and-paper record of goals, to-do lists, and appointments aide in reaching goals and finishing to-do lists much more quickly and effectively than those who do not.

Nowadays there are so many more options for planners that are a far cry from the small purse calendars of our mothers! Regular planners bought in box stores offer the standard monthly, weekly, or daily view on a page in a generic font and standard cover. However, the internet provides many specialty stores that offer luxurious planners that can be customized to each individual customer.

Luxury Planners

These luxury planners offer a range of choices and styles to truly customize and personalize each planner to the individual. High-end, or luxury planners, allow you to go section by section before ordering to create a layout that will work best for your life.

Choose to have your weekly layout start on a Sunday or Monday; add a timeline with thirty minute intervals to each day; or have the daily sections go horizontally or vertically. Many of these planners also give you the option to use a personal picture as the cover, or to choose from a wide-variety of standard colors and designs.


Function And Fashion

Not only are these planners much cuter on your arm than the former, standard issue black, customers can add options to help organize and plan out whatever path their life is on.

Being a mom on the go requires being able to organize and plan many aspects of your life easily. Luxury planners give you the ability to not only plan out short and long-term goals, but also financial planning and budgeting, sections to plan important events and vacations, as well as a section for grocery lists and meal planning.

All In One Planners

Speaking of grocery lists and meal planning; for the fitness freak, most of these planners offer the ability to help you reach your goals (whatever they may be). Try adding options like goal planning or nutrition tracking to the weekly layout in addition to monthly health check-ins and the ability to track working out, supplements/vitamins, water intake, and calories burned and consumed daily. Along with daily reminders to keep you focused and on target.

Want even more options? Today's planners are large enough to add even more personalization. Adding accessories such as dividers, pockets, and customized sticky notes create even more organization for your busy life. There are some great ideas for even more sections on each website. Make sure to check out all the various options available.

With every section (including the cover) able to be customized and in some cases even personalized, these cute planners are able to become an effective tool in your life rather than clutter in your purse or backpack.


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