Which Planner Kristy Uses

Hi Friends! Kristy here. Life is busy huh? We've received a lot of questions asking about which planner is the right choice, and to be honest, it just depends on the person, but I thought I'd share which planner I personally use!

I use a Casebound Weekly (Dated) Planner for my family to organize their schedules. Between my personal life, my three boys, and other plans, I find it easier for my family and me to use a Casebound Weekly Planner to see an entire week at a glance. 

I must say though that my Quarterly is my day-to-day planner; my tried and true! I use it to plan out business content. I of course use a digital calendar, but I need direction and focus, and it's vital to see it, map it out, and cross it off physically! There is study after study but I am also just proof! That is why we developed this system!

To see more on how I use the quarterly watch the video below! 

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