Why I Love My Planner

Every day we are constantly encouraged by our users and how they are taking strides to live a more purposeful and balanced life. With hard work, perseverance, clear action steps, and a little organization, you will be crushin' those goals in no time! 
We love when people share with us how their planner is helping them achieve their goals. YOU are why we do what we do! And your WINS are what keep us going and we love to celebrate with you. We just couldn't keep all these wins to ourself though! We hope these testimonials will encourage you today as much as they have encouraged us:)
"My planner has helped me prepare, organize and launch my small business! I call her my partner in HUSTLE! 😉 #pillowswag #bossbabe" - Wendy Ledesma-Fragoso
My name is Vanessa Moody and I am officially in love with the Hustle start planner! The Hustle has helped me keep my busy life in order. I am a wife, mother, nurse, student, sister, aunt, friend, etc. The list goes on. There is no way that I could keep it all straight without a planner.
Between doctors appointments for the husband & daughter, I care for my mother in law newly diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she has many appointments and finishing a second degree in nursing I need to write all things down. The Hustle allows me to focus one day at a time, but I can also plan things out throughout the year. The Hustle has it all, I plan everyday life, family vacations, write grocery lists and do my daily devotional and gratitude blurb- in one place. I love the Hustle!! I love the Start planner company and the acknowledgment that they show to customers! You guys ROCK!! Thank you for being great!
So my planner has been incredibly helpful getting my kiddo's 4th birthday party pulled together. I have not been anywhere near as stressed this year using the "Let's Party" worksheet and my Daily Hustle. I've been able to plan out when I need to do what instead haphazardly throwing it all together last year.
The monthly budget sheet has also helped me to see where I'm throwing money away, which is important to me because I'm a single mom and a grad school student. So what little money I have needs to be well managed. Since I got my Hustle in January, I've found myself stressing less about money because it is so easy to see what is going where and where I need to cut my spending. This has helped me to save up the extra money I needed to give my kiddo a great birthday party without being worried about being able to afford it.
I'm still working on finding a groove for making it work for school, but we are getting there. It has helped me to see where I've been wasting time. Being a stay-at-home mom and full time college student makes it rough to always have a set time to do what I need to get done, but I would sacrifice my "To Do" list to spend some time with my minion any day because she why whole world. She's my motivation for going to school and bettering myself so she knows she can do anything.
(P.S. Yes, I still have the box it shipped in. It's where I store my Hustle when I'm not using it to help protect it from the frequent spills and anything else that might damage it.)
My Hustle Business Planner has been such a valuable daily tool in structuring my time and tasks.
For several years I had been using two separate planners. One for home and one for business. This year I decided to find a business planner that was not only elegant in design, but one where I could organize my goals, daily, weekly, and monthly activities, finances, and business schedules, as well as home organization all together in one planner.
I found what I needed with Start Planner's Hustle Business. I also love all the added extras of planning vacations, shopping lists, projects, etc. All the essentials we need to keep the vision before our eyes.
Time Management has been a huge challenge for me, but since using my planner throughout each day, I have really noticed a big difference in my productivity.
The page layouts and design are so inspiring, it's encouraging just to sit down every night to review and plan the next day, week and month.
I appreciate all the time and effort that went into creating these beautifully structured planners. Jenny, Kristy and Staff....Thank you all, for being the blessings you always are!
These are just a few of the many stories we receive from our users. We would love for you to share with us in the comment section below what you love most about your planner and how it's helping you achieve a more balanced life: )

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