Why People Love Our Planners

We can't thank you all enough for STARTing with us every year. We have a pretty good feeling about 2023!! 
So many of you have been sharing on social media about your new best friend and we must say we absolutely LOVE seeing all this hype and excitement! 
Hear below what other people are saying about their 2023 planner. We are so pumped for the new year (and if you don't have your new planner yet, grab your HERE)! 


"In the front of the planner, there are loads of info to help you set and schedule your goals as well as help you stay on top of other yearly and monthly tasks, and make sure you look after yourself too. If you haven't checked out the START planning system you definitely should!"
- Jessica M.

"I love starting a new year with a new beautiful planner. Filling it with homeschool, sports, friends, and family trips!"

- Ashley P. 


"Time to look for a planner for 2023? Look no further than the STARTplanner. My favorite things about this planner: spiral bound, a spot for goals and a vision board, monthly overview, daily checklist, and my Tombow markers didn't bleed through!"

- Amanda K.


"Was I the perfect planner... nope! Not even close. But these amazing planners are much more than planners. Important dates are etched into each of the monthly calendars and daily spreads. The boxes themselves captured the keepsake pictures and cards, kids' achievements, and memory documents for that year. 

Start team, thank you for providing us with a system to keep our daily lives in check and chronicles of our lives year after year. BTW, soo glad yearly weekly is back in casebound!"

- Amy B.


"The time is here…..let the planning begin!! Broke out my planners and WOW am I excited!!! 2022 was quite the year, with trials, healing, and unexpected events….. As the year comes to a close I dug deep and decided there is no better time than now to embrace all the gifts and blessings God has bestowed on our family. Even if we are surrounded by noise God will bring us peace if we seek him. I have my Fancy Pants (first-time user) for my personal development, and physical, mental, and emotional growth journey. Along with my spiral weekly dated planner to keep our family, medical, daughters school events, grocery, and the rest of life’s stuff organized. BIG GOALS, FAITH FILLED HEART, AWESOME TOOLS (START), UNSTOPPABLE 2023!!"

- Chiyon A.

 "I'm excited to start planning for the new year with my STARTbrands planner! I love being organized and I always write everything down. This planner is top-notch and has me setting goals already for the new year!"

- Taylor F. 

 "I am thrilled that one of my all-time favorite planning systems is BACK! I love the A5 Daily Inserts from STARTbrands and am so excited that they are being offered again!"

- Ara W. 

"So excited to be back using my fancy pants planner again. I have missed the fancy pants so much. Let the planning begin! I lasted all of 5 minutes before I started filling it in with plans for the upcoming year."

- Brownie B. 

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