Why Travelling Makes You More Motivated In Life

A lot of people thinks traveling as something intimidating. Most of them believe that going abroad is not worth the expense, especially when they have had bad experiences before.

Also, they perceive traveling as a thing for the adrenaline-junkies, the adventurer, the wealthy and the young. Others think that it is merely just for the sake of people's vanity, and only for their social media followers to like. And because of these, they choose to stay at home and slack on their couches rather than spend their time off from work in another country.

Nonetheless, the desire to travel and stroll is an innate characteristic of every human; we have reached this stage of evolution because our ancestors were moving places to survive. Steve Jobs even went to India to get enlightenment before he built Apple.

If traveling is not on your motivation list, hope this short list will enlighten you.

  1. Traveling gives you time to appreciate the things around you.

One reason why people lack motivation is that they feel like they are too sick and tired of everything that they just want to quit. Those who wanted to quit their jobs, drop out of school or worse, end their life, didn't have time to appreciate the things around them.

They forgot why they were there in the first place and what got them there. They forget to realize that not everyone has the opportunities that they have and that no matter how hard life is, there will always be people who would be there for them through thick and thin.

They are too tired to experiment and think that they will forever be the same person they were yesterday, like being in a cage where they could never be free.

Traveling gives you time to appreciate the world, your life, and the things around you. When you see the scenery, the smiles and joys in people's face no matter how simple they are; you will realize how fortunate you are to live life the way you do right now.

Traveling is the ultimate remedy for people losing gratitude in life and themselves.

  1. It makes you appreciate yourself.

Aside from delighting in the things around them, what most people in the world lack is an appreciation for themselves. Being ungrateful about who you are is one reason why people lack motivation.

A lot of individuals put their value on their Facebook likes or Instagram followership, which is so wrong.

There is nothing wrong with being active on social media, but it should not be the measurement of one's self-appreciation. You can have everyone's likes but still, continue to be depressed. The basis of your value doesn't depend on how many people likes your photos or posts; it is all about your personality and the real you.

It is so easy for people to believe in virtual reality- it's nothing but imagination. Almost everyone has learned to be diabolic liars; not because you look happy in social media you are happy in real life.

Travel abroad, take pictures, memories, and experiences but don't spoil the happiness you received. Not everyone will like the angle of your photo or shots, probably because they are just envious of you so they can only be mean commenters. You don't have to look perfect just to be appreciated.

Admire yourself the way you are.

  1. It gives you time to think about where your life is going and what you genuinely want in life.

Traveling is an escape; it lets you look at your life in a different perspective. Traveling makes you temporarily abandon the things that matter now so you'll know the things that would matter later.

Traveling allows you get out of negative space.

It is the best time to look at yourself from an outsider's standpoint. Have you ever taken a chance to ask yourself, how you're doing?

You have to find value in things around you and the things that you do. Replenish the joy and passion you once gave your work. Think if what you're doing now is something you would want to do for the rest of your life.

You can't count on tomorrow for it never comes, as they say, so don't wait for another day to pass by before you make up your mind.

If you are unhappy, find the reason why you are unhappy. Write it down in your planner where you can see the reasons and to always remind you how to avoid it or move on from it.

Ikigai is the Japanese term for life's purpose. And knowing your Ikigai will guide all of your decisions in life. Finding your life's purpose isn't going to happen overnight. It will be a push and pull, but listening to your heart and your intuition will lead you there.

Travel and wander around, and you might just stumble upon your purpose.

There's no greater achievement than to know where you are ultimately going.

  1. Traveling gives you time to strategize.

If you already know what you want to do for the rest of your life, you should strategize your way there. Don't jump into the cold water of uncertainties, be sure of your steps, because the difficulties might kill your passion.

Take time to plan things out and take baby steps towards your dreams. You don't have to start grand, for great things always start small.

Traveling allows you to get out of the office walls and the time you have will be more than enough for you to soul search and strategize.

  1. Traveling gives you idle time to slow down and be creative.

Traveling also gives you time to be idle and to forget all the hustle and bustle of commute, work and anything about "adulting."

Idle time can bring you space for creativity and lets you slow things down. Finally, you can enjoy your coffee; its aroma, and taste.

Slowing down lets you see the beauty of life and all the things around you. Staying in the bath tub and listening to music, while you drown your skin in herbs or anything to treat your skin.

Your idle time is key to your next million dollar idea.


Traveling is not about the destination, but the experiences and realization you bring with you as you excitedly come home.  Traveling is an excellent source of lasting motivation, and the awareness you bring with you can powerfully turn your life around.

Roam with new eyes, mindset, and heart. Stroll, wander, trek mountains and restore your inner motivation. Want to plan your next trip? Pick up one of gorgeous planners and get started budgeting and planning. Happy planning!

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