Why You Should Listen To The MFCEO Podcast [Parental Warning Obviously]

Would you rather have a friend tell you the painful truth or keep it to themselves as they console you? If you prefer hearing the truth even when it sometimes hurts or feels uncomfortable, then you will benefit from listening to the MFCEO podcast. Even if you're hesitant about picking the first option, you might find it helpful to listen to the MFCEO podcast. This show is massively inspirational, but for those who are easily offended by cursing- you want to skip this show. Here are three reasons why you should tune in:

1. Millionaire Entrepreneurs Are Guest Speakers on the Podcast

Andy Frisella, host of MFCEO podcast, frequently invites millionaire entrepreneurs as guests on the MFCEO podcast, so they can share their lessons for success with listeners. Dan Fleyshman, the youngest founder of a publicly-traded company and a millionaire entrepreneur, was a guest on the MFCEO podcast during episode 106. Fleyshman provided tips on writing a business plan, marketing effectively, and managing people.

Before getting into his tips on entrepreneurship and business, Fleyshman shared the story of how he became an entrepreneur while in high school. You'll find valuable tips in listening to his story. An important takeaway is to not accept the first offer a big company makes for your product or idea. In Fleyshman's case, Nordstrom offered to buy his "Who's Your Daddy?" t-shirts for millions of dollars. His father warned him that if they're willing to pay that much, then it means he's on to something and to not go through with the deal.

2. Challenges Your Thinking to Expand Your Mind

One of the most important reasons you should listen to the MFCEO podcast is it challenges your thinking to expand your mind. Some of the concepts and advice given might step on your toes a bit. You'll find yourself contemplating it over the next few days and suspect there could be some truth in it.

For example, in episode 120 of the MFCEO podcast, Andy Frisella explains why excusing yourself as trying your best isn't acceptable. Your best is always changing as you learn and grow. What was your best a month ago isn't your best today, or at least shouldn't be. If it's the same, then it's a sign you're not really growing. Frisella encourages listeners to constantly push themselves to their best and understand that it's always developing.

3. Real Talk You Need for Motivation

The MFCEO podcast delivers the real talk you need for motivation. Sometimes, sugarcoating things isn't always the most effective way to get a message through. The MFCEO podcast embraces real talk in its style and approach to quickly get to the heart of issues and deliver actionable, helpful advice that you can use to grow your business. On Andy Frisella's Instagram page, an MFCEO listener shared that the podcast was the "slap in the face" he needed: "I've been listening to your postcast for about 6 months now... From the waaaay beginning. Its that slap in the face I needed to face my fears and reality. Thank you."

If you like the straightforward method of communication, then you'll find value in listening to the MFCEO podcast. As some listeners of the podcast said, it will give you the kick in the butt or slap in the face you need to keep working on your business. Too many aspiring entrepreneurs give up on their businesses and goals of living a better life. For additional help staying on track toward accomplishing your goals, check out one of our goal planners at STARTplanner.com.

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