New Products Launching with our 2023 Line

New 2023 Planners mean new accessories!!! We are so pumped to share these with you guys! Not only are they going to help you START, but they are absolutely beautiful! With the help of Jenny, we got the coolest design for our accessories to compliment your new planner. 

Take Note


Take note helps you... to, well... take notes! This is a beautiful collection of sticky notes! 6 individual sticky notes that can be used for different functions! 

Collection includes:

  • leaf design 
  • watercolor 
  • remember...
  • olive green  
  • to buy - 13 line items
  • Vertical Notes

 This matches our 2023 Dated Planner line so it can be used in conjunction to decorate and "take notes" or alone! This is a great gift for the fellow organized individual or a gift to yourself to help you "take note". 

2023 Planner Stickers! This is going to come with EVERY planner purchase and these are not for sale now. We just wanted every planner to have a little color and felt like this was a great way to add it! 

START Sticky Note was what you all voted for in our accessory poll and we were pumped to be able to bring this as the preorder gift. *While supplies last!*

Last but not least... we have an organization system Start Preparing that helps you to stay organized with all important life paperwork in the case of an emergency or if something happens. But what if something happens and you are a business owner? 


Introducing our Start Business System  

Start Business System is a tool to help small businesses plan to intend to make the right decisions for their business. If you are a new company, an established company, or whether you want to start a new company this is the system for you! This is a place to store all the important company formation documents, notes/financials, and a workbook that will help to guide you with action steps of company legal organization, strategy, branding, marketing, accounts, and even tools. 

This is set up to be able to allocate strategy and reflection for 5 years. 

System includes

  • Vegan Leather Business Folio features card slots, file storage capability, and a compact way to store all important business documents together. 
  • 8.5 x 11 legal notepad - For extra note-taking, brainstorming, or ideating
  • Hustle Business Planner to help you ideate and execute on plans for your company. (explained more below). 

The Hustle Planner -  Business Edition

HUSTLE - “Decisive movement toward a goal, however indirect, by which the motion itself manufactures luck, surfaces hidden opportunities, and charges our lives with more money, meaning, and momentum.” 

  • Important Business Organization and Structural Legal Information 
  • Strategy - Defining Your Company, Positioning, Core Values, Target Market, SWOT, Your Story, Goals 
  • Branding - Vision Board, Brand Details 
  • Marketing - Marketing Overview, OKRs, Newsletter Planning, Social Media Strategy, and Content Planning. 
  • Accounts - Financial Accounts, Business Advisors, Support Team, Digital Information, General Account Information 
  • Tools - Tools & Workflows 
  • Notes - Blank Notepads for additional planning



For all our other accessories check them out HERE and get STARTed today! For each planner, we also have on the listing which accessories we recommend for each and we also have a blog post here of our favorite accessories to pair with a planner HERE!

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